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FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions)

NJ PWTA FAQs - NJ Private Well Testing Act FAQs Listed Below

General FAQs

Is the lab certified to do my environmental analysis?
Pace Analytical Services, LLC-Fairfield is the most highly certified lab located in New Jersey, additonally our NELAP certification is honored by all NELAP-Recognized Accreditation Bodies. Links to our certifying authorities are displayed below.

Are the compounds I need included in your tests?
Our tests include all of the compounds routinely required by the NJDEP.  For unusual compounds please contact your client services representative.

How should samples be collected for environmental testing?
NJDEP has prepared a guidance document entitled the Field Sampling Procedures Manual which addresses all aspects of environmental sampling in New Jersey.  Because of New Jersey’s nationally acknowledged leadership in environmental regulation, most other states will accept their sampling procedures.  However, you should check with your state’s environmental department.

What are your normal business hours, and during what hours can I come to the lab to pick up bottles and drop off samples?
Our normal business hours are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  Our sample management department is open for pick ups and drop offs from 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

During what hours are sample pick ups and bottle drop offs available?
8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

How much notice does your lab need to pick up samples or drop off sample containers?
We would like at least 24 hours but since we have many drivers on the road every day, special needs can always be met.

How fast can I get my test results?
We post test results on our website within two weeks of receiving a sample.  Expedited results can be made available in as little as two hours if necessary.

How far will your field service personnel travel?
In general our field service technicians cover the entire State of New Jersey and a radius of approximately 150 miles from Fairfield, NJ.  Beyond this distance we use overnight carriers.

How do I get to your Lab?
For driving directions, please see the following links: Driving Directions ... Google Directions

Certified by the following authorities:

USEPA TNI#01277 NJDEP#07010 NYDOH#11634 PADEP#68-02903

NJ Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) FAQs

Who needs the private well test?
Anyone who is changing the title to a property in New Jersey that contains a drinking water well.  Also, leasors not covered under other testing regulations and anyone drilling a new well.

How soon can I get my well water test results?
We provides test results and an NJDEP completed PDF in five business days. We will also upload results to the NJDEP portal for you.

How soon can a Feild Tech be at the sampling site?
In most cases we are on-site within 24 hours.  We will generally be there within 48 hours.

Who is authorized to take samples and perform analysis for private well test?
Only employees of a laboratory certified by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) are authorized to collect and analyze these samples. Sampling by unauthorized persons is cause for the results to be rejected by the NJDEP.

Where will the well water test sample be taken from?
The law requires the sample to be taken prior to any filtration or treatment system. Some people however, choose to take a second sample after treatment, to prove their system is producing water that meets the required quality standards.

I live in south Jersey, is my test the same as for the north?
No. The law calls for different parameters in the south. Additionally, certain counties have their own requirements. When sampling is requested we schedule the proper test package, based on the location of the property.

Who is responsible for paying for the test?
The private well act does not specify who must pay for the test.  Buyer and seller usually discuss this issue and reach a decision.

Where should my report be sent when it’s done?
We send the report to you and if you wish, a copy to your attorney.  We also electronically transmit the results to the NJDEP as required.

In case of test failure, will you retest our well?
Yes, after the problem has been corrected our sampling technicians will come back to collect a post-treatment well water test sample.

Can I close on my property if the well fails the test?
Yes, the law requires that the test be performed.  Its purpose is to discover water quality problems and alert all parties.  Once this is complete, the law is satisfied and the closing can proceed, regardless of test results.  Remediation options and costs can be settled at any time.

Does the Lab  perform remediation of private wells?
No.  Well water testing and sampling are what we do.  For remediation a certified water treatment specialist should be contacted.  When treatment is complete we will come back to take the retest sample.

How long is the private well test valid for?
Bacteria and nitrate are valid for six months.  All other parameters are valid for one year.

What information will I need to schedule my test?
You will need the following:

Sample site address
Sample site county
Sample site block number
Sample site lot number
Sample site year constructed
Report mailing address(es)
Well permit number (new wells only)
Type of filtration (if any)

If I meet the New Jersey State PWTA testing requirements, do I also meet my local testing requirements?
Not necessarily.  Some local communities have additional parameters for which testing must be performed. Check local regulations.